lundi 29 décembre 2014

The Candle Light Dinner Beat Tape

Check The Candle Light Dinner Beat Tape, 40 minutes of breaks, loops and silly shit edited and produced on the MPC by Nuts One. Hope you enjoy! Download link in comments.

lundi 17 novembre 2014

Nuts One / Somepling 7" project!

I'm happy to present this new vinyl project the homie Somepling and I just self-released.
We worked together on this limited edition 7" record - 100 copies only with hand engraved & hand stamped covers. Each one of us did a side of the record (music and design).

Here's my track:

And here's Somepling's track:

50 copies available on my bandcamp and 50 copies available on Somepling's bandcamp. Nuts One Bandcamp
Somepling Bandcamp

Check it!

mercredi 4 juin 2014

lundi 9 décembre 2013

The Occult

Hey! Here's a selection of weird 70's psychedelic funk tunes that have a kind of esoteric and dark feeling to me. Hope you enjoy! DL link in comments.

Nuts One - The Occult by The Soundtrackers on Mixcloud